Support a Dive Wreck for Sydney
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About Us

Who is driving the Sydney Dive Wreck project?

The Gordons Bay Scuba Diving Club Inc. (GBSDC) is an incorporated not for profit association founded in 1993 which maintains the underwater nature trail (public reserve #1986/75) in Gordons Bay between Clovelly and Coogee beaches NSW. Maintenance of the trail, which is ongoing, has involved over 5000 community service hours-1200 scuba divers, and 602 dives. The club is a community service award winner (PADI & Sydney Morning Herald) and supports marine science research projects. The club since 2005 has been advocating for a dive wreck for Sydney.
To further explore community response and service delivery the Sydney Dive Wreck Organizing Committee (SDWOC) was set up by the former MP for Coogee the Hon Mr. Bruce Notley-Smith in mid-2015.

SDWOC Members

  • Chair – Marjorie O’Neill, Member for Coogee
  • Jeremy Phillips, Coogee MP’s officers
  • Dive Industry Representatives
    • PADI – Mark Cummins
    • Dive Industry Association of Australia – Richard Nicholls
    • Dive Centre Bondi – Duncan Paterson
    • Pro Dive Australia – Russell de Groot
  • Community Representatives
    • Lynda Newman – Randwick Tourism
    • Bernadette Summers Coogee Chamber of Commerce
    • BJ Hatton Randwick Chamber of Commerce
    • Sharnie Connell Sydney Marine Park
  • Environmental Engineering
    • Ed Rowe Arup, Maritime & Coastal.
  • Independent Environmental and Marine Science advisors
    • Professor Iain Suthers, UNSW
    • Professor William Gladstone UTS
  • GBSDC Representatives
    • President – Sam Baxter, Founder- John Rowe, Marine Scientist
This is a community effort to create a new artificial reef and awesome dive site for divers. To increase diving activity, improve the marine environment and increase employment in Sydney through sinking a significant wreck.

The Dive Wreck Plan

Creating a world class dive site and marine ecosystem

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13,500+ Supporters
NSW Parliament
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Our Supporters

Sydney’s own Dive Wreck has amazing support

Local Chamber of Commerce

Coogee Chamber

Chair – Member for Coogee

Marjorie O’Neill

Supporting Economic Development

Randwick City Tourism